Submit an Assignment + Video Assignments: Why so Serious? – 3 stars

I made this one:


Why should movies be so serious? Take a clip from a movie that is supposed to be serious and remove the audio.  Then, replace the audio with that from a comedy movie.  Try to line up the speaking from the audio clip with the movements and actions in the video clip.  This creates a hilarious effect that we all enjoy.  Try using well known movies and clips so that we knwo what the actor should be saying.  It makes the clip all the more funny.

I mashed up a clip from “Scarface” and the audio from “Old School.” I thought the “We’re going streaking!” part made a hilarious mash up with Tony Montana shooting up the gangsters trying to take his house.

Used Video Pad Video Editor. Extracted the audio from the movie “old school”. Put it on top of the scene from “Scarface”. Tried to match them up as good as I could.