Video Assignment Ideas

I was thinking about doing the video assignment “Advertisement Galore”.

For this assignment, take different clips of people in movies using something and make an advertisement out of it! Be as creative as possible!

It seems like it would be a fun assignment to do, incorporating video with text. It appeals to me because I can make it as goofy as I’d like, while adding creativity into it. I believe that I could probably use Windows Movie Maker to do this assignment. I would probably download some clips from YouTube that have to do with the same object and then cut them and then add them together. I then would add text, and maybe some special effects.

For another assignment I might do “Product Evolution”.

Things are’t what they use to be. For this assignment pick a product, a piece of technology works best but you can use anything, and create a short video timeline of how it looked way back all the way to how it looks today. Be sure to add dates.

This one seems really interesting. I was thinking of maybe doing cars or cell phones or televisions. I will have to think more on this one because I want to do something really unique that people don’t normally think about. I could probably use Windows Movie Maker for this one as well. I will find pictures of the older piece of technology first and then montage them together or possibly overlap them to look like its morphing in front of your eyes.