Tutorial for Opposites Attact

Tutorial for “Opposites Attract”


For this assignment, you are supposed to pick two songs that are from different genres and mash them together.  I used a DJ program called VirtualDJ because I’m familiar with the program, however, most audio programs, such as audacity, will work just fine.


If you are using audacity, open the program and import both songs that you will be using.  It is easier and more pleasing to the ears to use songs with a similar rhythm and BPM (beats per minute).  Once both clips are uploaded, you will move the clips left or right (such as in audacity) to find out where the waveforms (squiggly lines of audio) best match up.  This will take some trial and error to figure out where the audio matches up best.  Once they are lined up, you can get creative with adding in some effects.  Audacity has an effects drop down menu so simply highlight the section you would like to apply the effect to and select one.  After that, make sure to save and export and enjoy your mash up!


If you are using a DJ program, such as VirtualDJ or Traktor, you will drag one song to your left deck and one to your right deck.  Make sure that the songs are within ~15BPM’s of each other and in a similar key for the best effect.  After that, make sure you press the “sync” button to equalize the BPM’s.  You can play around with adding “hotkeys” to add sections of the songs to loop together.  This is a more advanced technique but comes with great rewards when it is done successfully.  Practice around with the song until you have figured out all you’d like to do.  Once you’re ready press “record” and start playing both songs.  Make sure that the songs are sync’d up and get creative with effects and looping.