Summary of two Daily Creates

The first daily create I did this week was “Make an out of focus photo that is artistic/interesting/evocative”.(tdc520)

I chose a screenshot from the Twilight Zone episode, “Eye of the Beholder”, when the patient is being held down while the doctor is coming at her with a syringe. This shot already has a lot of emotion in the scene, but I decided to emphasize the drama by messing with the colors and putting it out of focus. I think it came out pretty well. I believe that it does relate to what we have been doing this week about “reading” movies. We are drawn to the brighter areas of the photograph, which causes “dominant contrast”. Also, the point of view below the characters’ eyelines enhances them and makes the scene more interesting. You don’t notice it at first glance but the longer you look at the photo, your eyes can see the syringe in the lower left hand corner.


For the other daily create I did so far, I completed:
Capture a photo in the golden hour- first hour past sunrise or last before sunset


I don’t believe that this photograph has any relation to what we are doing this week except the angle looking above kind of makes the clouds look like gods. I really like doing the photography assignments though, they are my favorite.