Review 1: Analyze the camera work

I chose a scene from the episode “Night Call” to review. It is the first scene of the episode.  When the scene starts the camera pans from the left side of the room to the right past a rocking chair and then focuses on the woman in the bed. The camera angle is above the woman therefore focusing the scene around her. You can tell it is storming outside because of the flashes of light. They did a good job of portraying what was going on in the scene even though there was no sound. You knew what was going on in the scene because the camera portrayed the sequence of events. The way that the camera focused on the telephone and then back to the woman, where she expresses disdain, you can tell that the phone was ringing.  The camera only seemed to switch views 2 or 3 times, from the woman to the telephone. When the camera switched to the telephone it was directly facing the telephone, at a front facing angle. The quick cut to the telephone and then back to the woman indicates that there is some action taking place. At the end of this scene, the camera pans back from right to left, clearly ending the scene.