Design Safari/ Design Elements

Metaphors/Symbol- I took this picture when I was walking by the river.  This picture is of a family of turtles represents the symbol of “family” and “kinship”. The turtles are very close together in the center of the frame and showcase the unity of their group.


Balance- I took this picture as I was walking to class the other day. It is a picture of a flower that was sitting perfectly on a bench, I didn’t even put it there. It could reflect the design element of balance, as the flower is almost symmetrical in the center of the picture.



Proportion- This card was also found on campus. I did not place it here, it was just sitting there when I walked by, so I thought it would make a good picture. I believe it could represent the design element of proportion. Because I took the picture closer up with the main focus being on the card, the proportions of the objects fit well in the frame. There is enough focus on the card, but it is not overwhelming and also shows the beauty of the backdrop.



Color- The emphasis of color in this photograph is obvious, drawing the eye immediately to the lettering.