Tutorial for Why So Serious?

Tutorial for “Why So Serious?”


Any video editing program can be used for this assignment as long as it has simple cutting and reorganizing capabilities.  I used Videopad Video Editor as I prefer it over Windows Movie Maker.  To start, you will find a clip from a serious movie.  The more serious the better.  After picking your clip, find an audio clip from a comedy movie.  The funnier the better.

After you’ve picked your clips, you’ll open your video editing program.  Import the video files and the audio clips.  Make sure you mute the audio from the video clip so just your comedy audio is playing.  Most video programs like videopad separate the video and audio already so you just simply hit “mute.”  After that, go through the video to find where you’d like to start and end at.  You then trim out the extra video so you have a smaller clip.

Once the video is trimmed down to size, you’ll want to watch the video and listen to the audio from the comedy simultaneously so that you can figure out which audio clips work best with the actor of the serious movie.  Then, you will move your audio to the appropriate position and trim out any extra audio you don’t need.

After everything is lined up, watch the video and make sure everything looks and sounds as you’d like it to.  Voila!