Video Assignments- Y.O.L.O Is The Motto!- 2.5 stars

For a lot of people, Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) is a term used prior to, after, or while doing something morally unacceptable or idiotic. For this video assignment, just like charades, try to explain what this word means to you through storytelling, by using pictures or videos and not just explaining it through words. Even if you hate the word or if it means something completely different than what is explained above, try to incorporate it in your video. Challenge, >> your video should be less than 5min (5 min max) << ENJOY!! I'm not the kind of person who really uses the term Y.O.L.O. frequently, and I fear that a lot of people use it too casually. My video shows what Y.O.L.O. should really mean. It doesn't mean partying every night to me, I believe that it should mean pushing the envelope and really being a dangerous daredevil. I used Windows Movie Maker for this compilation. I broke up the two videos I used with some entertaining pictures of what Y.O.L.O. could mean.