ds106 Remix Machine: Mission: Defamiliarize [Remixed]: Fox News- 6 stars




Original Assignment

Mission: Defamiliarize created by Brian Short (andessurvivor.com)
Make a set of ten photos which take something familiar to you–a town, building, object, etc.–and defamiliarize it, make it seem foreign. Use a mix of extreme closeups, weird lighting, foreground/background focusing and odd angles and other effects to make something that you know very well seem like something you’ve never seen before, something spooky and/or luminous and/or magical. See an example athttp://www.andessurvivor.com/2012/01/23/mission-defamiliarize/

foxRemix Card: “Fox News”

Take whatever the assignment is an turn the volume up past 11, and sensationalize it, exaggerate it, pump up the intensity.




I chose items I see around my apartment every day and decided to take them at a different angle.





I choose to take pictures of some different items from my house and add a dramatic twist to them for the remix assignment. Used a photo editing software to add effect to the pictures.