Audio Assignments- Audio Dream Stories- 2 stars

This is a variation off of AudioAssignments70: Sound Effects Story, except the main goal of this assignment is to create a story using only sounds (no words) found on the Internet that tells the story of a dream using audio. Restrictions: use only sounds from and a max of 2 minutes. Please remember to credit those who you have sampled. Also, please refrain from having 6+ “layers” in a dream. We all know from watching Inception that by that time, you’re way beyond the normal dreaming mind constructs and into the subconscious.

Link to Assignment page:

For this Assignment, I decided to go with a dream someone might have if they left the radio or television on while they went to sleep. Don’t worry, you can’t hear any words, just static. Also, you can hear rain in the background. The audio dream could be interpreted as someone dreaming that they are in Zombie Apocalypse faintly hearing the reports of a zombie outbreak. To make this audio dream, I used sound clips from the website More specifically, I used these files ohrpilot__static-noise-several-different-ones.aiff

Once I got the sound bites that I wanted to use. I imported them to Audacity and cut them into smaller fragments.  Then I placed them together.