Audio Assignments- Music Tag – 3 stars

One of my favorite type of assignments is audio! Lyrics and songs are great ways to tell stories. Have you notice similar themes extend genres… lyrics overlapping. Your task is to create a story by using audio snippets from songs. The trick is you have to have the last word of your clip, be the same word that starts the next clip. Use at least 5 different songs, try to include different genres or decades.

Link to Assignment:

For this assignment I used these songs:

Haddaway – What is love
Nazareth – Love Hurts
Three Days Grace – Pain
KC and the Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonight
The Beatles – All You Need is Love

I used the program Audacity for this assignment. First I listened to the songs and picked which parts suited my needs. Then I trimmed the songs, and lined them up.

Audio Assignments- Audio Dream Stories- 2 stars

This is a variation off of AudioAssignments70: Sound Effects Story, except the main goal of this assignment is to create a story using only sounds (no words) found on the Internet that tells the story of a dream using audio. Restrictions: use only sounds from and a max of 2 minutes. Please remember to credit those who you have sampled. Also, please refrain from having 6+ “layers” in a dream. We all know from watching Inception that by that time, you’re way beyond the normal dreaming mind constructs and into the subconscious.

Link to Assignment page:

For this Assignment, I decided to go with a dream someone might have if they left the radio or television on while they went to sleep. Don’t worry, you can’t hear any words, just static. Also, you can hear rain in the background. The audio dream could be interpreted as someone dreaming that they are in Zombie Apocalypse faintly hearing the reports of a zombie outbreak. To make this audio dream, I used sound clips from the website More specifically, I used these files ohrpilot__static-noise-several-different-ones.aiff

Once I got the sound bites that I wanted to use. I imported them to Audacity and cut them into smaller fragments.  Then I placed them together.


Audio Assignments: Ds106 Radio Commercial- 3 stars

Create a commercial featuring an item that you have invented that would be extremely useful to your favorite movie or TV Show character. Try to be as creative and abstract as possible. Must include sound effects or background music and be at least 20 seconds in length.

This is my commercial for the DS106 Radio station. It is a travel commercial, trying to get people to come to the city “Homeland”. It is based on the episode “Walking Distance” from the Twilight Zone show. Come to Homewood, where the past comes alive!

Audio Assignments: Teezee Reference- 2 stars

Find an audio clip from a show or movie outside of the Twilight Zone. See example from the Everybody Loves Raymond episode, “Standard Deviation.”

I liked this Audio Assignment. I found a Family Guy episode that references the Twilight Zone episode, “Time Enough at Last.” I thought this was a really good example and perfect for this assignment. I found the video on Youtube then converted the video just to sound and uploaded it onto Soundcloud. It is embedded below through Soundcloud.

Audio Assignments: Row Row Polyphony- 3.5 stars

An imitative polyphony can best be described as when you were younger in music class and the teacher would have one side of the class start singing “row row row your boat” and then part way through the song have the other half of the class start singing from the beginning. It is basically two similar melodies sung at the same time, but at different points.

Link to Assignment:

This is my version of Old MacDonald Had A Farm…

Audio Assignments: Make your own Ringtone — 2 stars

Using Audacity, trim, join end-to-end (cut/paste), and/or play side-by-side audio files in order to create your very own ringtone. Ringtones should be a maximum or 40 seconds to conserve phone memory (besides, most cell phones don’t ring longer than 30 seconds or so…the extra 10 seconds is just in case). Be creative, you might want to actually use it on your phone.

Link to Assignment:

I used the intro to the Twilight Zone with bits and pieces of the song Day-Oh by Henry Belafonte.