Daily Create: 525

This is my daily create for today! The assignment was to take a photo of a personal object in an unusual location.



This is a picture of my favorite pin. It’s a troll with orange hair. I have had him for many years, therefore he means a lot to me. I have put him in my freezer.


Daily Create: 520 Photography

Make an out of focus photo that is artistic/interesting/evocative



I used a photo-editing software to change the colors and put the picture out of focus. I also added a scratchy looking filter, as well as a black rounded frame. I think the picture looks more mysterious this way, and really draws you in to what is happening in the scene. The eyes of the woman look like they are staring right through you. This picture is a screenshot that I took from the episode “Eye of the Beholder” from the Twilight Zone. I think I like it better now after the alterations I made.

Daily Create: 518

Write a love poem from one character to another from different Twilight Zone Episodes

I chose the doctor and Janet “the ugly freak” from the Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder”. They probably have pretty good chemistry at this point because the doctor has operated on her so many times.

Love poem from the doctor to Janet in “Eye of the Beholder.”

Even though your face is whack,
I’ll always have your back.
Your beauty is on the inside,
About that, I have never lied.
I tried to fix your face many times,
but that’s not why I call you mine.
You are mine because you are sweet,
that is why our love is so neat.

Daily Create: 508

Write a story from the point of view of your favorite food, but don’t say what it is. Make us guess.


I’m not made by just anybody. I’m made and packaged in a factory, then sent out all over the world to make kids to the elderly very happy. I’m probably the most popular food in the world.  I’m a special blend of ingredients that forms a delicious snack. I’m a little nutty. I’m cut and imprinted with the name of my maker after I’m blended and placed in a mold. The reason they mold and cut me a certain way is so you can share me with your friends, but that rarely ever happens.  Then, I sit and bake for awhile with all my millions of friends surrounding me. I first get a silver foil placed around me, then a sleeve that surrounds that. Then I’m ready to go, but don’t leave me in the sun, I won’t taste as good.