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I learned a ton in this class. There were some occasions where I struggle but I’m sad that this is the end. I had a lot of fun and I loved the creative aspects of it.

Tutorial for Why So Serious?

Tutorial for “Why So Serious?”

Any video editing program can be used for this assignment as long as it has simple cutting and reorganizing capabilities.  I used Videopad Video Editor as I prefer it over Windows Movie Maker.  To start, you will find a clip from a serious movie.  The more serious the better.  After picking your clip, find an audio clip from a comedy movie.  The funnier the better.

After you’ve picked your clips, you’ll open your video editing program.  Import the video files and the audio clips.  Make sure you mute the audio from the video clip so just your comedy audio is playing.  Most video programs like videopad separate the video and audio already so you just simply hit “mute.”  After that, go through the video to find where you’d like to start and end at.  You then trim out the extra video so you have a smaller clip.

Once the video is trimmed down to size, you’ll want to watch the video and listen to the audio from the comedy simultaneously so that you can figure out which audio clips work best with the actor of the serious movie.  Then, you will move your audio to the appropriate position and trim out any extra audio you don’t need.

After everything is lined up, watch the video and make sure everything looks and sounds as you’d like it to.  Voila!

Tutorial for Opposites Attact

Tutorial for “Opposites Attract”

For this assignment, you are supposed to pick two songs that are from different genres and mash them together.  I used a DJ program called VirtualDJ because I’m familiar with the program, however, most audio programs, such as audacity, will work just fine.


If you are using audacity, open the program and import both songs that you will be using.  It is easier and more pleasing to the ears to use songs with a similar rhythm and BPM (beats per minute).  Once both clips are uploaded, you will move the clips left or right (such as in audacity) to find out where the waveforms (squiggly lines of audio) best match up.  This will take some trial and error to figure out where the audio matches up best.  Once they are lined up, you can get creative with adding in some effects.  Audacity has an effects drop down menu so simply highlight the section you would like to apply the effect to and select one.  After that, make sure to save and export and enjoy your mash up!


If you are using a DJ program, such as VirtualDJ or Traktor, you will drag one song to your left deck and one to your right deck.  Make sure that the songs are within ~15BPM’s of each other and in a similar key for the best effect.  After that, make sure you press the “sync” button to equalize the BPM’s.  You can play around with adding “hotkeys” to add sections of the songs to loop together.  This is a more advanced technique but comes with great rewards when it is done successfully.  Practice around with the song until you have figured out all you’d like to do.  Once you’re ready press “record” and start playing both songs.  Make sure that the songs are sync’d up and get creative with effects and looping.


thought that this photograph was so interesting and dramatic.


Welcome to the Twilight Zone



This work inspires me because it is so green and relaxes me when I think about all the stuff I do. it would go well with the Serenity Now Assignment.

What'd you do this weekend?

This inspires me because it is so creative. No one would ever think of adding all these different texturestogether, but it works so well. The colors are so vibrant too, makes me smile!

Submit an Assignment + Video Assignments: Why so Serious? – 3 stars

I made this one:


Why should movies be so serious? Take a clip from a movie that is supposed to be serious and remove the audio.  Then, replace the audio with that from a comedy movie.  Try to line up the speaking from the audio clip with the movements and actions in the video clip.  This creates a hilarious effect that we all enjoy.  Try using well known movies and clips so that we knwo what the actor should be saying.  It makes the clip all the more funny.

I mashed up a clip from “Scarface” and the audio from “Old School.” I thought the “We’re going streaking!” part made a hilarious mash up with Tony Montana shooting up the gangsters trying to take his house.

Used Video Pad Video Editor. Extracted the audio from the movie “old school”. Put it on top of the scene from “Scarface”. Tried to match them up as good as I could.


ds106 Remix Machine: Mission: Defamiliarize [Remixed]: Fox News- 6 stars


Original Assignment

Mission: Defamiliarize created by Brian Short (
Make a set of ten photos which take something familiar to you–a town, building, object, etc.–and defamiliarize it, make it seem foreign. Use a mix of extreme closeups, weird lighting, foreground/background focusing and odd angles and other effects to make something that you know very well seem like something you’ve never seen before, something spooky and/or luminous and/or magical. See an example at

foxRemix Card: “Fox News”

Take whatever the assignment is an turn the volume up past 11, and sensationalize it, exaggerate it, pump up the intensity.




I chose items I see around my apartment every day and decided to take them at a different angle.





I choose to take pictures of some different items from my house and add a dramatic twist to them for the remix assignment. Used a photo editing software to add effect to the pictures.

Mash- Up Assignments: Opposites Attract- 4 stars

Develop your own song utilizing the two songs from separate genres. This assignment will be complete using Audacity or a similar audio editing software. An example of a remix would be the utilization a classical song and a pop song in your remix.


Used the song “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna and “Around the World” by Daft Punk for this mash-up. Daft Punk’s genre is techno, Madonna’s is Pop. I used the audio editing software, Virtual DJ, to combine these two hits. I downloaded the song from youtube converted it through Drag one song to the left, drag the other to the right. Lined up wave forms, hit play, make sure it sounds right, then hit record.


Video Assignments: Show Off – 5 stars

So you’ve come to the end of the season of DS106 (yes the season, because DS106 is #4life) and you want to showcase your work! Go through all of the work you did for DS106 and showcase it as you see fit with audio and video.  Ideally this will combine your audio, visual, design, and video.  Show us what you’re most proud of and display it in an awesome way!


I pulled all my previous files into VideoPad VideoEditor and put all my favorites together into one video compilation.


Video Assignments: Where do you want to go? – 3 stars


I created an assignment called Where do you want to go?

I really want to go to Ireland. It is so beautiful there and it’s a really old and charming country. I would probably live there if I could. I used Windows Movie Maker to make a slideshow of  the pictures I found through Google Image search and then added a video I found on YouTube of flying through Ireland. I added an audio clip of celtic music I also found on YouTube. To convert the audio I used